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This is a list of places in Scotland called Papa or similar, which are so named after the Papar, monks from the Early Historic Period or from their connection to other, later priests.



John of Fordun in his 14th century enumeration of these islands, has a Papeay tertia ("third Papey"), the location of which is unknown.[1]


Papleyhouse on Eday and Steevens of Papay on North Ronaldsay may not be genuinely related to the Papar.[3]



Gaelic, Pabaigh, (About this soundPabaigh ) anglicised to "Pabay" or "Pabbay" means "priest island", but it is not clear if these names refer to the early Papar or later, post-Norse priests.

See also[edit]

  • Papey - an Icelandic island named after the Papar.


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