Parc (Charleroi Metro)

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Métro Léger Charleroi - LRV 7504 in Parc station.jpg
Coordinates 50°24′34″N 4°26′55″E / 50.40944°N 4.44861°E / 50.40944; 4.44861Coordinates: 50°24′34″N 4°26′55″E / 50.40944°N 4.44861°E / 50.40944; 4.44861
Platforms Central
Tracks 2
Platform levels 1
Parking No
Opened 30 August 1996
Preceding station   Charleroi Metro   Following station
One-way operation
Line M1
toward Anderlues
One-way operation
Line M2
toward Anderlues
One-way operation
Line M4
toward Soleilmont

Parc is a Charleroi Metro station, located in downtown Charleroi, in fare zone 1. It is an underground station featuring a central platform, with street access at both ends.

Interior decoration, themed around the Lucky Luke Belgian comics character, features a fresco of the comics main characters on one side, and a short comics strip depicting a train attack by the Daltons on the other side. There's also a Lucky Luke statue outside of the station, near the park's eastern entrance.

Until February 26, 2012, Parc used to be a dead-end station (terminus of former lines 55 and 88), where trams would arrive from Janson on the western side of the central platform, then park in a short tunnel section south of the station, before coming back in the station for departure on the eastern side of the platform. The parking tracks are now part of the Parc to Tirou section.

The station name (French for Park) comes from the adjacent municipal park.

Nearby points of interest[edit]

  • Queen Astrid municipal park (French: Parc Reine Astrid).
  • Charleroi courthouse.
  • Schools : Collège du Sacré-Coeur and Athénée Royal Vauban.


TEC Charleroi bus lines 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 15, 18, 25, 35, 37, 52, 71, 74, 86, 154, 158, 710, 722, E, City-Bus.