Parc naturel régional de Corse

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The Regional Natural Park of Corsica (French: Parc Naturel Régional de Corse, Corsican: Parcù di Corsica) is a natural park. It was listed in 1972 and then relisted for 10 years in June 1999. The Natural Park covers nearly 40% of the island of Corsica.

The aim is to protect and valorise the rich flora and wildlife of the island. 145 communes are part of the program which supports the project and are grouped in 11 micro-regions, called:

  1. Falasorma Marsulinu
  2. Caccia Ghjunsani
  3. Niolu
  4. Castagniccia
  5. Centru di Corsica
  6. Fium'Orbu
  7. Alta Rocca
  8. Taravu Bastelica
  9. Gravona
  10. Cruzinu Dui Sorru
  11. Dui Sevi


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