Parco Botanico Friulano "Cormor"

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The Parco Botanico Friulano "Cormor", also known as the Parco del Cormor or Parco Botanico del Cormôr, is a municipal park and botanical garden located in Udine, Friuli, Italy.

The park was created 1990-93 by architect Roberto Pirzio Biroli on a neglected site northwest of the town center. It covers 30 hectares between the Cormôr torrent and the Autostrada Alpe-Adria (A23), with dense plantings of woodland, open lawns, a belvedere, paths and small roads, and a children's play area.

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Coordinates: 46°05′01″N 13°11′25″E / 46.08361°N 13.19028°E / 46.08361; 13.19028