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Parking In Motion (PIM)
Parkinginmotion logo.png
Slogan(s) "a smarter way to park"
Alexa rank 6,410,916 (August 2012)[1][2]
Launched 2008
Current status Online

Parking In Motion (PIM) is a parking technology company based in Santa Monica, California. Parking In Motion was founded by Sam Friedman (Current CEO) and Alexander Israel (Current COO) in 2008.

PIM is a provider of dynamic and real time parking data,[3] which holds partnerships with app developers, map makers, and GPS navigation companies. PIM operates a database containing over 20,000 public parking lots[3][4][5] in over 300 cities.[4][5] These lots cover the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.[4][5]

iPhone App[edit]

Parking In Motion iPhone App

PIM's consumer product is an iPhone app, released on April 14, 2011.[7] It allows users to access the PIM database mobily as well as reserve and prepay for parking through affiliates.[8][9][10]

QR Code[edit]

In May 2011, Parking In Motion debuted its QR Code campaign at the International Parking Institute (IPI) conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in its effort to "make parking fun".[11] The campaign utilizes Mobile tagging to try to encourage drivers to use PIM's services and associated lots.


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