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This article is about programming language called Parser. For technique of parsing, see Parsing.
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Paradigm multiparadigm - macro, object-oriented
Designed by Konstantin Morshnev (Art. Lebedev Studio)
Developer Alexander Petrosyan (Art. Lebedev Studio)
First appeared 1997; 19 years ago (1997)
Stable release
3.3.0 / September 4, 2008; 8 years ago (2008-09-04)
Typing discipline dynamic
OS Cross-platform - Windows, Unix-like
License GPL
Influenced by

Parser is a free[1] server-side CGI web scripting language developed by Art. Lebedev Studio and released under the GPL.

Originally, Parser was merely a simple macro processing language. The latest 3rd revision (March 2006) introduced object-oriented programming features.

The compiler for the language was developed in C++ by studio employees Konstantin Morshnev and Alexander Petrosyan to automate often repeated tasks, especially maintenance of already existing websites. It was used in many web projects of the studio. Since revision 3 it was released as free software and it is now used in other websites, mostly in Russia (according to a partial list at the language's website).

The language supports technologies needed for common web design tasks: XML, Document Object Model (DOM), Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE) and others.


  1. ^ PARSER — Download: The Parser® software is distributed under the GNU GPL

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