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Part Chimp
OriginCamberwell, London, England
GenresAlternative rock
Noise rock
Sludge metal
Years active2000–2011, 2016–present
LabelsRock Action Records
Associated actsLigament, Penthouse, Sophia, The Loveblobs, Action Swingers, Scarfo, Die Munch Machine, Melanie Garside, Shit and Shine, Drumm Chimp, Ikara Colt, Mystery Meat, Soulbossa, Sawyer, The Schoolhouse, Foil, Kling Klang
Past membersTim Cedar, Jon Hamilton, Iain Hinchliffe, Joe McLaughlin, Tracy Bellaries, Nick Prior

Part Chimp is an English rock band from Camberwell, London, England, that were formed by Tim Cedar, Jon Hamilton and Nick Prior in 2000. Current line-up is Tim (vocals & guitar), Jon (drums), Joe McLaughlin (bass) and Iain Hinchliffe (guitar).

They play rock music with elements of noise. Both on record and live, Part Chimp have a reputation for sounding extremely loud.[1][2] Their records are released in the UK by Rock Action Records,[3] in Europe & Japan by Play It Again Sam and in the US by Monitor records.[4]


Tim Cedar and Jon Hamilton had previous played together in Ligament.[5] Nick Prior (bass), formerly of Scarfo, joined Ligament for their last tour. When Ligament split, the threesome played one show as Part Chimp in late 2000, before adding Iain Hinchliffe on guitar. Nick Prior left the band in February 2004 and was replaced by Joe McLaughlin. The latter left in mid 2006, returning in 2010 to play some live shows. In 2008, Tracy Bellaries (ex-Ikara Colt) joined on bass, playing on the Thriller record before leaving in early 2010.

After splitting amicably at the end of 2011,[6] Part Chimp have subsequently reformed, have recorded new material and played a handful of shows in 2016.[7]


  • Tim Cedar (Vocals & Guitar) has also played with: Ligament, Penthouse (aka Fifty Tons of Black Terror),[8] Sophia, The Loveblobs, Fury Things, Action Swingers, Scarfo, Cass McCombs, Iron Kat, Beardhead, Hey Colossus,[9] Sex Swing, Beef Wellington and Westminster Brown. He also records and produces many other bands at Dropout Studio in Camberwell.
  • Jon Hamilton (Drums) (aka Hamilton Industry aka Drumm Chimp) has also played with: Ligament, Our Lady of Miracles/Vertigo Angels, Tabitha Zu, Shit & Shine, Th' Faith Healers, and releases solo records as Drumm Chimp.[10]
  • Iain Hinchliffe (guitar) has also played with: The Schoolhouse, Foil, and Sawyer.
  • Joe McLaughlin (bass) also plays with: The Left Hand, Kling Klang,[11] The International & Mono-Poly.
  • Bjorn Freeman (bass, covering for Joe) also plays with: Hag

Cedar and Hamilton also play live and record as Die Munch Machine.[12]




Splits and compilations[edit]

  • Part Chimp & Grey Hairs (Split 7" single), God Unknown
  • Part Chimp & Joeyfat (Split 7" single), Awkward Silence Recordings
  • Part Chimp & Todd (Split 7" single), Noisestar
  • A 10 inch of Monstrous Proportions (10", 2006), Rock Action Records, Southern, Jonson Family - features one songs by Part Chimp, Todd, Lords, & Hey Colossus[14]
  • Torche / Part Chimp (Split 12" single), Chunklet Industries
  • Up Yours! Punks Not Dead (Mojo Magazine Compilation CD), Mojo
  • Rock Sound July 2005 CD (Rock Sound Magazine Compilation CD), Rock Sound
  • Rock Action Presents.. (Compilation CD), Rock Action Records
  • A Rock Action Sampler (Compilation CD), Plan B Magazine
  • Buffalo Bar - Sound Issues (Compilation CD), Buffalo Bar
  • Silver Rock SR50 (Compilation CD), Silver Rocket
  • Sonic Mook Experiment 3:Hot Shit (Compilation CD), Blast First/Mute
  • Un40rmulated (Compilation CD), Unlabel
  • S***R Greatest Hits Volume 1 (Compilation CD), SWEAR Shoes
  • Wrongpop Presents... A Charity Album In Aid Of CheckEmLads (Compilation Download), Bandcamp

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