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This article is about a computer game company. For the computer graphics technique, see particle system.
Particle Systems Ltd.
Subsidiary of Argonaut Games
Industry Interactive entertainment
Fate Defunct
Founded 1993
Founder Glyn Williams
Michael Powell
Defunct October 2004
Headquarters Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Products Independence War series
Parent Argonaut Games

Particle Systems was a computer game developer based in Sheffield, England. It was founded by Glyn Williams and Michael Powell. Games developed by Particle Systems include I-War and its sequel Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos. The company was working on tactical combat game EXO, when it was acquired by Argonaut Games in January 2002[1] and became Argonaut Sheffield. Under this new guise the company released Bionicle: The Game, Power Drome and submitted a number of demos for Star Wars, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Zorro. Argonaut Sheffield was closed in late October 2004 when Argonaut games was put into administration.[2]



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