Party Camp

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Party Camp
Directed by Gary Graver
Produced by Mark Borde
Lawerence Kasanoff
Colleen Meeker
Written by Paul Brown
Starring Andrew Ross
Kerry Brennan
Billy Jayne
Jewel Shepard
April Wayne
Peter Jason
Music by Dennis Dreith
Cinematography Gary Graver
Edited by Michael B. Hoggan
Distributed by Lightning Pictures Inc.
Vestron Video
Release date
Running time
87 min.
Country United States
Language English

Party Camp is an American comedy film released in 1987. The plot revolves around a teenager (Andrew Ross) who takes a job as a summer camp counselor, only to spend the whole experience partying and engaging in hijinks.[1]


Camp counselor and party animal Jerry Riviera (Andrew Ross) has seen the girl of his dreams in Heather Morris (Kerry Brennan) at summer camp. Unfortunately, the strict regimen of his camp experience is not what he imagined. So, with the help of his group of young misfit campers, wiseguy Riviera sets out to buck authority and turn the experience into a non-stop party-like atmosphere.


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