Party for National Rebirth

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Party for National Rebirth
President Tiébilé Dramé
Founded 1995
National Assembly
3 / 160

The Party for National Rebirth (French Le Parti pour la renaissance nationale, PARENA) is a Malian political party, created in 1995 by activists from the National Congress for Democratic Initiative (CNID). The Party for National Rebirth is headed by Tiébilé Dramé, who ran for the presidency in 2002, gaining 4% of the votes, coming in fourth place.[1] In February 2007, he was again nominated as the party's presidential candidate for the April 2007 presidential election,[2] receiving third place and 3.04% of the vote.[3]

In the communal elections on 30 May 2004, the Party for National Rebirth came in fourth, gaining around 700 councilers.

PARENA won four seats in National Assembly in the July 2007 parliamentary election.[4] Following the election, PARENA formed a parliamentary group with the African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence (SADI).[5]

The party's symbol is a white ram.


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