Party of the South

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Party of the South
Partito del Sud
President Natale Cuccurese
Honorary President Antonio Ciano
Founded 2007
Headquarters Gaeta
Membership unknown
Ideology Regionalism

The Party of the South (Italian: Partito del Sud, PdS) is a political party in Italy founded in 2007 by Antonio Ciano. The political action of the party is inspired by Guido Dorso.

The party has only gotten 3.736 votes (0.01%) to the general elections of April 2008, introducing its lists only to the Senate.

Beniamino Donnici, a European deputy elected with the Italy of Values in the 2004 European Parliament elections, declares his membership of the Party of the South in February 2009.

During the national congress in Naples on 25 September 2010, Beppe De Santis was named new secretary of the party.

For the general elections of April 2013, the party presented its lists in Lazio and nominated some of its members in the Civil Revolution list in the region of northern Italy.[1]

During the 4th national congress of the party, that took place in April 2013, Natale Cuccurese was named new President of the party.[2]


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