Pas de Bellecombe

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Pas de Bellecombe
ReunionFournaise ParkingBellecombe2.JPG
Parking lot at Pas de Bellecombe
Elevation2311 m
LocationRéunion, Indian Ocean
RangePiton de la Fournaise
Pas de Bellecombe is located in Réunion
Pas de Bellecombe

Pas de Bellecombe is a mountain pass and vista point overlooking Enclos Fouqué, the last caldera formed by Piton de la Fournaise, the active volcano on the eastern side of Réunion island (a French department) in the Indian Ocean.

It is named after Guillaume Léonard de Bellecombe, governor of La Réunion during the 18th century.


The parking lot at Pas de Bellecombe.

The Pas de Bellecombe is situated over the caldera rim cliffs, at a 2311 m elevation, and offers a good point of view over the northeast part of the caldera, including a small crater called Formica Leo.