Pascal Mailloux

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Pascal Mailloux
Born (1957-05-05) May 5, 1957 (age 60)
Granby, Quebec, Canada
Genres Classical, Jazz, Novelty
Occupation(s) Composer, Pianist
Years active 1980 – Present

Pascal Mailloux (born 5 May 1957 in Granby, Quebec), is a Francophone Canadian Pianist.


Pascal started his professional Piano career in 1980, with his first band Leyden zar, where he was a composer, keyboardist, and singer. Pascal has been playing Piano since he was 5 year old, & studied piano for 10 years with the Vincent d”indy school, later at the age of 17 [1975 to 1977] Pascal studied at the Sherbrooke music college, Quebec, Canada

Pascal and Marjo[edit]

Pascal worked together with Marjo on many albums, out of which Marjo sold over 1 million albums throughout his career. In 1985-90 Another album "she who goes" by Marjo and Composition of the song The one that goes "At the end of heaven", in 2003:Composition and Recording the album turquoise Marjo[1]


  • 1980-85: Leyden Zar with André Perry
  • 1989-90: Album Marjo As long as there are children(250,000 copies sold)
  • Recording of album Nanette Workman with "Luc Plamondon"
  • Composition of the theme song "As long as there are children"

Tv | Cinema | Advertising | Shows[edit]

  • 2009: Spectacle Bénéfice & Les yeux du cœur, with Laurence Jalbert, Florence k, Jonathan Painchaud, Bob Walsh & Manon d'Inverness"
  • 2008: Composition of Song for Marie-Chantal Toupin "It's not easy"
  • 2008: Spectacle Bénéfice,& Benefit Concert "The eyes of the heart" with Marjo, Nanette Workman, Boom Desjardins & Mélanie renaud'
  • 2007: Music series "Mon œil Pour zone3"
  • 2006: Advertisements in Hyundai
  • 2005: Recording & Registration With Various Artists & shows throughout Quebec
  • 2004-06: Quebec Tour with Marjo & Tribute Show at Francofolies Montreal
  • 2002: Documentary, Italy-Canada
  • 2001: Music composer of Américan One Way Out with James Belushi
  • 1999: Series "The big fears of 2000" with Simon Durivage, Motion International Production, dissemination vat
  • 1998-00: Séries Documentary Ecce homo des productions Coscient
  • 1995: Advertising International Player's racing cars with Jacques Villeneuve advertising
  • 2001: Sans retour
  • 2005: Turquoise
  • Bachelor Theme - Production Zone 3 Tqs
  • Free Tour to Pixcom
  • Prod Pixcom Theme music for Radio Canada "37.5"
  • Love Hurts theme song & Music Theme "Bread of Love"for TV-Quebec
  • Channel-life theme: Eros & Company & Hello Doctor "Canal life theme"
  • Radio-Canada theme: Olive and Papaya & Attention is Hot
  • Theme of the "Love"
  • Theme of the Costs to the 400 TV-Quebec
  • Series Love Hurts, production zone 3, T
  • "The last game of life" for VAT with Claude Charron
  • "Origins" documentary series Historia
  • "News of God" for Tele-Quebec
  • "Rona my house" vat produced by Zone 3
  • kids series "Geo-chip" with Marie-Michèle Desrosiers


  • Canadian tour with the group "Leyden zar"
  • François guy tour Musical
  • Tour with Shawn Phillips
  • Theater tour of 1979 with a Granby
  • Geneviève Tour
  • "Go Gentle" tour with Gerry Boulet
  • Tour France with different artists


  • Winner of the "Spirit" on CHOM-FM


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