Pasi Rantanen

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Pasi Rantanen
Born (1969-10-30) 30 October 1969 (age 48)
Helsinki, Finland
Genres Power metal, progressive metal, neoclassical metal, symphonic metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals, guitar
Years active 1985-present
Associated acts Thunderstone, Revolution Renaissance, Strike

Pasi Rantanen (born 30 October 1969 Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish singer. Best known for his power metal band Thunderstone, of which he was a member from the band's creation in 2000[1] until 2007. However, he rejoined Thunderstone in 2013 as a full-time member again and provided vocals for the band's comeback album "Apocalypse Again" in 2016.

Rantanen also served as a background singer on, amongst other things, Stratovarius, Kotipelto and Ari Koivunen albums. In addition, the album Raskasta Joulua featured his talents on a version of "White Christmas". Rantanen also appeared at the Eurovision 2006 performance by Lordi as a background singer wearing a mask of Gene Simmons from Kiss. He is currently performing in a band called Joe Doakes, a Finnish cover band and STRIKE, a melodic rock band that he co-founded in 1985.


Date Artist Album Title Notes
1999 TunnelVision While The World Awaits Backing Vocals
2000 Stratovarius Infinite Backing Vocals
2001 Stratovarius Intermision Backing Vocals
2002 Thunderstone Thunderstone Lead Vocals
2004 Dreamaker Human Device Backing Vocals
2004 Thunderstone The Burning Lead Vocals
2004 Various Artists Heavy Christmas Guest Vocals
2004 Imperanon Stained Backing Vocals
2004 Silent Voices Infernal Backing Vocals
2004 Raskasta Joulua Raskasta Joulua Guest Vocals
2005 Thunderstone Tools Of Destruction Lead Vocals
2005 Stratovarius Stratovarius Backing Vocals
2006 Grendel Lost Beyond Retieval Backing Vocals
2006 Stoner Kings Fuck The World Backing Vocals
2007 Thunderstone Evolution 4.0 Lead Vocals
2007 Monster Vision Freak Show Welcome To Hellsinki Guest Vocals
2007 Ari Koivunen Fuel To The Fire Backing Vocals
2007 Kotipelto Serenity Backing Vocals
2008 Kiuas The New Dark Age Choir
2008 SO. Shout Backing Vocals
2008 Revolution Renaissance New Era Guest Vocals
2009 Warmen Japanese Hospitality Guest Vocals
2009 Hevisaurus Jurahevin Kuninkaat Backing Vocals
2009 Sentiment From Here To Ever After Backing Vocals
2010 Hevisaurus Hirmuliskojen yö Backing Vocals
2012 Childrem Of Bodom Holiday At Lake Bodom Guest Vocals
2013 Raskasta Joulua Raskasta Joulua Guest Vocals
2013 Strike We're Back Lead Vocals
2014 The Milestones Higher Mountain - Closer Sun Backing Vocals
2014 Warmen First Of The Five Elements Guest Vocals
2014 Raskasta Joulua Raskasta Joulua 2 Guest Vocals
2004 Raskasta Joulua Ragnarok Juletide Guest Vocals
2015 Raskasta Joulua Tulkoon joulu - Akustisesti Guest Vocals
2016 Imperium Dreamhunter Guest Vocals
2016 Thunderstone Apocalypse Again Lead Vocals
2016 King Company One For The Road Lead Vocals
2017 Cardiant Mirrors Guest Vocals
2017 Tuska The Anniversary Song Guest Vocals
2017 Wolfpakk Wolves Reign Guest Vocals
2017 Raskasta Joulua Raskasta Joulua 4 Guest Vocals


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