Passion (J. C. Schütz album)

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Studio album by J. C. Schütz
Released 2004 and 2009
Recorded 2003 – 2007
Genre Jazz pop, bossa nova
Length 54:10
Label Terrinha Records
Producer J. C. Schütz
J. C. Schütz chronology
Blissa Nova
(2007)Blissa Nova2007
Alternative cover
2009 re-release
2009 re-release

Passion is the first album by Swedish singer and songwriter J. C. Schütz, originally released in 2004 in Sweden and Japan.[1]

In 2009, Passion was released again, this time worldwide and including two bonus tracks, previously only available on the Japanese edition.

The album was recorded between 2003 and 2004, with Schütz as composer of all tracks, arranger and producer.[2] The album uses a colourful instrumentation with accordion, vibraphone, strings and flute, on top of the guitar/piano/bass/drums arrangements.[3] The bonus tracks were recorded in 2007.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Passion"
  2. "There's Only You"
  3. "All Because Of You"
  4. "Think Of Me"
  5. "So Happy"
  6. "Pinch My Arm"
  7. "Prague This Spring"
  8. "Reach The Top"
  9. "I'm Here"
  10. "This Is Forever"
  11. "Don't Turn The Page"
  12. "Tousled Kitten Samba"
  13. "Before You Go Away"
  14. "Passion (surprise reprise)" - bonus track
  15. "Light" - bonus track