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This article is about the fried pie or pastry. For other uses, see Pasty (disambiguation).
A pastie supper

A pastie /ˈpæst/ is a large to medium sized round battered pie common to Northern Ireland. Generally served with chips to form a "pastie supper" ("supper" in Northern Irish chip shops meaning something with chips), or in a bap as a "pastie bap", it is a common staple in most fish and chip shops in the country.

Recipes vary, but the most common ingredients are minced pork, onion, potato and seasoning formed into a "round" (just like a burger) which is then covered in a batter mix and deep fried.[1] Traditionally, chip shops coloured the pastie's filling with a cochineal dye, giving it a bright pink colour, supposedly to make the snack more appetising. Many shops have stopped using this method due to issues with cochineal (carmine).

There is common confusion with the name, with many visitors mistaking it for the Cornish pasty.[2]

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