Pastorius Park

Coordinates: 40°04′16″N 75°12′18″W / 40.07111°N 75.20500°W / 40.07111; -75.20500
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40°04′16″N 75°12′18″W / 40.07111°N 75.20500°W / 40.07111; -75.20500
Pond in Pastorius Park
Works Progress Administration building in the park, built 1937

Pastorius Park is a sixteen-acre (6.5-ha) park that is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. It is maintained by the Fairmount Park Commission.

History and notable features[edit]

Established in 1915, this American park was named in honor of Francis Pastorius, a leader of early German immigrants to the area. It is located in the Chestnut Hill section of Philadelphia, at Lincoln Drive and Abington Avenue.

Its current design was the 1935 work of landscape architect Frederick W.G. Peck (1909-1998).[1]

This park includes a pond and an amphitheater.[2]

The Chestnut Hill Community Association sponsors evening concerts at the park during the summer.[3]

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