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Patra may refer to:

  • Patra (singer) (born 1972), female Reggae artist
  • Patra Sherani, town and union council of Dera Bugti District in Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Patra TV, television station in Patras, Greece
  • Patra, the Sanskrit name for Ōryōki, a nested set of bowls and eating utensils used by Buddhist monks

See also[edit]

  • Patra ni machhi, Parsi dish made from steamed fish topped with chutney and wrapped in a banana leaf
  • Patras, port city in western Greece
  • Patrode, vegetarian dish from Gujarat, India made from colocasia leave stuffed with rice flour
  • Prem Patra, 1962 Indian Bollywood film produced and directed by Bimal Roy
  • Strir Patra, 1972 Bengali film, directed by Purnendu Patri