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Patrick Gower
Born1976/1977 (age 42–43)[1]
NationalityNew Zealand
EducationFrancis Douglas Memorial College
Alma materBA Hons from Victoria University of Wellington
OccupationPolitical journalist
WebsiteNewshub Profile Page

Patrick Gower (born 1976/1977) is a New Zealand journalist and National Correspondent for Newshub (formerly called 3 News). Prior to his current role he was Newshub's political editor.

Early life[edit]

Gower grew up in New Plymouth where his father was a fitter and turner at a power station, and his mother was a doctor's receptionist.[2] He had a Roman Catholic upbringing and schooling, having attended St Joseph's Catholic School and Francis Douglas Memorial College.[2]

He has a BA with honours in politics from Victoria University of Wellington, choosing the university because it was near Parliament. While he attended Victoria University he got involved in Salient magazine.[3] After finishing his politics degree, he studied journalism at Auckland University of Technology.[2]

Journalism career[edit]

Gower started his journalism career working the graveyard shift (6pm–1:30am) at The New Zealand Herald,[2][4] later becoming police reporter. He subsequently moved overseas[where?] and worked at Jane's Police Review.[2] Once back in New Zealand he worked again at the Herald, covering politics and working under Audrey Young.[2]

Later he made the move to television journalism and began working at 3 News, where he was initially a political reporter. He has said that the transition involved a big change in reporting styles:

He took over as political editor of 3 News from Duncan Garner in November 2012.[5]

Despite controversy about political bias on social networking sites, Gower claims to be a non-voter on the grounds of impartiality, stating:[6]

In 2018, after five years as Newshub's political editor, he shifted roles to become its national correspondent.[7]

Viral skit[edit]

In December 2014, a clip of Gower swearing on what appeared to be live television went viral. In the video, a library-goer stands up and says, "This is a fucking library!", to which Gower replies, "This is the fuckin' news." A remix of the video later went viral.[8] The incident was part of a law school revue skit.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Gower lives in Wellington[1] and has two children.[10]

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