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Patrick Kidd, who attended Colchester Royal Grammar School,[1] is a journalist and blogger specialising in sport generally, and cricket and rowing in particular. He is currently the diary editor, and was previously a sports writer, for The Times, where he has been working since 2001,[2] and whose website hosts his Line and Length, "A very English cricket blog". He also appears frequently in Wisden Cricketers' Almanack and The Wisden Cricketer, and is a regular radio and television pundit. His first book, Best of Enemies: Whingeing Poms Versus Arrogant Aussies, was released in early 2009. A second book, The Worst of Rugby, was published later that year.

He also writes a light-hearted personal blog, The Questing Vole, about politics, history, culture and sport, in which he describes himself as "a 1920s eccentric trapped in the body of a 21st-century journalist. Not a very fetching body, either." [3] The blog takes its name from the opening of Scoop, Evelyn Waugh's satire on journalism.

Published books[edit]

  • The Best of Enemies: Whingeing Poms Versus Arrogant Aussies, Know the Score Books, 2009 (ISBN 1848187033)
  • The Worst of Rugby: Violence and Foul Play in a Hooligans' Game Played by Gentlemen, Pitch Publishing Ltd., 2009 (ISBN 1905411421)


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