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Professor Patrik Aspers is a Swedish sociologist. He has worked in several countries, and is now based at Uppsala University. His research has mostly been on sociological theory and economic sociology. Markets are the central topic of his research, and empirically he has mainly studied the fashion industry. He has developed notions like "aesthetic markets", "status markets" and "standard markets".


Aspers (born 1970) earned a Ph.D at Stockholm University (2001). He studied under the supervision of Richard Swedberg. Harrison White is also among the teachers he had as a Ph.D. student. He is currently professor of sociology at Stockholm University. He has previously been employed or guest at; for example, Harvard University, Columbia University, the London School of Economics, and Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies. Aspers is President of the Swedish Sociological Association (2010-2012).[1]

Selected publications[edit]

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