Paul Baghdadlian

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Paul Baghdadlian
Փօլ Պաղտատլեան
Paul Baghdadlian.jpg
Background information
Birth nameKrikor Baghdadlian
Also known asPaul Baghdadlian
Born(1953-07-10)July 10, 1953
Aleppo, Syria
DiedJuly 28, 2011(2011-07-28) (aged 58)
Glendale, California, U.S.A.
GenresTraditional, pop, patriotic, rebetiko, rabiz
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter, record producer, composer, musician, businessman
Years active1953–2011
WebsitePaul Baghdadlian on Facebook

Paul Baghdadlian (Western Armenian: Փօլ Պաղտատլեան) (July 10, 1953 – June 28, 2011) was often known simply as Paul, was an Armenian, American Armenian singer, songwriter, composer, musician, entertainer, and businessman. He is referred to as the King of Love Songs. His music is loved by many Armenians and particularly by the Armenian diaspora.[1]

Early life[edit]

Paul was born as Krikor Baghdadlian on July 10, 1953 in Aleppo, Syria, to Armenian parents Baruyr Baghdadlian and Arousiag Baghdadlian. He had a brother named Aram Baghdadlian and a sister named Anahid Baghdadlian. He had great success in singing modern Armenian music after moving to Beirut, Lebanon. In 1965, at the age of 12 his mother died (his father eventually remarried and settled in Pasadena, CA). Struggling to live his daily life, he started performing to make his living.


During the early 1970s, Paul Baghdadlian was known as Paul the Prince and was singing only English songs. After listening to fellow singer of the Armenian diaspora music Harout Pamboukjian, however, Paul Baghadadlian started to sing in Armenian, mostly performing love songs. Having achieved great success in Beirut and the Middle East in this new phase of his career, he moved to Los Angeles, California, in 1977 for an international career. In Los Angeles he produced hundreds of recordings, mostly ballads,[2] most of which he sang in Armenian, though he sang in a number of languages, most notably Arabic and English. He often toured the major centers of the Armenian diaspora and Armenia.


Baghdadlian died on June 28, 2011 after a long battle with lung cancer. He died in Glendale Adventist Medical Center, where he was being hospitalized. The cause of death was ruled to be respiratory failure due to the cancer.[3][4] He left behind three children: sons Paul Baghdadlian Jr and Christopher Baghdadlian from his first wife Ani Baghdadlian, and one daughter, Virginie Baghdadlian from his second wife Dzaghig Florence Baghdadlian.[5]


Studio Albums:

  • 1978 Ourishin Yes
  • 1979 Siroum Yes Kez
  • 1980 The Last Tango
  • 1980 Sbasoum Yem Kez
  • 1982 Zavgis
  • 1983 Sev Acher
  • 1983 Miayn Ints Siree
  • 1985 Arants Kez
  • 1987 Siretzi Yes Megin
  • 1989 Happy Birthday
  • 1991 Naz Aghchig
  • 1992 Sirem
  • 1993 Ch’kideyi, Ch’kidem
  • 1994 Garodi Harts E
  • 1995 Gyanki Dzaghig
  • 1997 Tou Im Ashkharn Es
  • 1998 Kez Pari Louys
  • 2000 Gyankes...
  • 2001 Mortsir...
  • 2004 Anoushig's
  • 2008 Oor’Es
  • 2010 Hokis Im
  • 2017 Hishadagner

Live Albums:

  • 1981 Live In Beirut: Sona Chan
  • 1988 Live In Australia
  • 1999 Live In Damascus
  • 2000 Live In Haleb
  • 2009 Live In Holland

Compilations Albums:

  • 1998 Best Of Paul
  • 1998 Dance Party Mix
  • 2000 Romantic Flashback
  • 2000 The Very Best Of Tangos
  • 2000 Golden Mix
  • 2005 Paylogh Asdgher
  • 2015 Arabic Songs


  • 1981 Sirel Em Kez
  • 1981 Angeghdz Ser
  • 1981 Payts Tou Chgas
  • 1981 Verchin Ankam
  • 2002 Tartsel Ourishin feat. Paul Baghdadlian Jr.
  • 2002 Meghk feat. Joseph Krikorian
  • 2003 Heranumes
  • 2003 Arev Tartsar
  • 2007 Srdis Takouhin feat. Ararat Amadyan
  • 2010 Heranam
  • 2016 Mouraz feat. Sammy Flash
  • 2016 Siretzi Yes Megin feat. Super Sako
  • 2017 Happy Birthday feat. Sammy Flash
  • 2017 Happy Birthday feat. Sako Ghazarossian
  • 2018 Payts Apsos feat. Joseph Krikorian
  • 2018 Sirelis Veradardzir feat. Dj Hye Fx
  • 2018 El Chem Timana feat. Sarina Crosse


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