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Paul Charles (born 1949, Magherafelt) is a Northern Irish novelist, concert promoter and talent agent.[1]

Charles managed his first act, The Blues by Five, when he was 15 years old, and had to list the number of his local telephone call box on business cards.[2] The telephone would be answered by whomever was passing, who would then walk to Charles' house and knock on the window to let him know there was a call for him.[3]

In 1967 he moved from Northern Ireland to London, planning to study civil engineering, but soon began writing for Belfast-based magazine City Week, filing live reviews of Irish groups performing in London, and returned to the music business full-time.[2][4][5] He then became manager, agent, lyricist and roadie for progressive rock band Fruupp.

When the band split up Charles formed a promotion agency, Asgard, with associate Paul Fenn. The agency's first big signing was English punk band the Buzzcocks.[3] Charles' clients now include Tom Waits, Elvis Costello, Ray Davies, Christy Moore, Don McLean, Waterboys and Ry Cooder.[6]

Personal life[edit]

Charles lives in Primrose Hill, London, and Donegal with his wife Catherine.


Detective Inspector Christy Kennedy series[edit]

  • I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass (1997)
  • Last Boat to Camden Town (1997)
  • Fountain of Sorrow (1998)
  • The Ballad of Sean and Wilko (2000)
  • The Hissing of the Silent Lonely Room (2001)
  • I've Heard the Banshee Sing (2002)
  • Justice Factory (2004)
  • Sweetwater (2007)
  • The Beautiful Sound of Silence (2008)
  • A Pleasure To Do Death With You (2012)

Inspector Starrett series[edit]

  • The Dust of Death (2007)
  • Family Life (2009)
  • St Ernan's Blues (2016)

McCusker Mysteries[edit]

  • Down on Cyprus Avenue (2014)

Other fiction[edit]

  • First of the True Believers (2002)
  • The Last Dance (2012)
  • The Prince of Heaven's Eyes (A Novella) (2012)
  • The Lonesome Heart is Angry (2014)
  • One of Our Jeans is Missing (2016)


  • Pocket essentials: How to Succeed in the Music Business (2002)
  • Pocket Essentials: The Beatles (2003)
  • The Complete Guide To Playing Live (2004)
  • The Best Beatles Book Ever (2013)


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