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Paul M. Goldbart
Paul Goldbart Dec 2016.jpg
Goldbart in 2016
Born August 1960 (1960-08) (age 56)
Barnet, Hertfordshire, England
Institutions Georgia Institute of Technology

Paul Mark Goldbart was born in August 1960 in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England. Goldbart is a physicist, author and the first director of the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory. His research ranges widely over the field of condensed matter physics, including soft matter, disordered systems, nanoscience and superconductivity. Goldbart is currently Dean of the College of Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology.[1]


Goldbart earned his Ph.D. at the Imperial College London in 1985 under Professor David Sherrington. Before joining the physics department at the Georgia Institute of Technology he was the director of the Institute for Condensed Matter Theory. Goldbart is currently the Treasurer[2] for the Aspen Center for Physics in Colorado.

Goldbart is a fellow of the Institute of Physics and the American Physical Society.


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