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Paul N. Goldstene (born 1930), a retired professor of the Government department at Sacramento State University, and is an acclaimed author and teacher of political theory. He is the author of numerous essays, reviews, and books. Goldstene was raised in New York City and is a graduate of The University of Arizona, where he received his PhD with a doctoral dissertation on John Kenneth Galbraith in 1970.[citation needed]

"Goldstene teaches contemporary political thought and theory at California State University, Sacramento, where he received the Outstanding Scholarly Achievement Award in 1995. He is the author of The Collapse of Liberal Empire, Yale University Press (1997), Chandler & Sharp (1980); Democracy in America: Sardonic Speculations, Bucknell House (1988); The Bittersweet Century, Chandler & Sharp (1989); as well as numerous articles and reviews for scholarly publications."[1]


  1. ^ From the back cover of his most recent book, Revolution American Style: The Nineteen-Sixties and Beyond, Chandler & Sharp Publishers Inc. Novato, CA.

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