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Paul Kean is a New Zealand musician and music producer. He first played in the Basket Cases (aka "The Detroit Haemorrhoids") in 1977/78.

When The Enemy lost Mick Dawson, Paul Kean joined as bass player along with Jane Walker on keyboards to form the short lived Toy Love in 1979/80. The CUTS CD compilation of Toy Love singles and their self-titled album along with a second disc of demos was released on Flying Nun in 2005. In 2012 Paul Kean was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall Of Fame and won the Herald Legacy Award as a member of Toy Love.

Through the 1980s Paul went on to do live sound engineering for many of the Flying Nun acts, notably The Clean, The Chills, The Verlaines, The Stones, and Sneaky Feelings.

Kean managed and produced two Playthings singles and an album, briefly joining them on bass in 1982.

A collaboration with Robert Scott in Thanks to Llamas followed with the formation of The Bats along with Kaye Woodward and Malcolm Grant.[1] By 2011 The Bats had produced their eight album to add to their catalogue along with two compilations and a host of EPs and singles. Many of these were produced or co-produced by Paul Kean, who also handled most of the mixing.

Kean currently lives and works in Christchurch for the Council's Events team. He is also actively involved in the bands Minisnap and The Bats.