Paul LaLonde

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Paul LaLonde
EmployerCloud Ten Pictures
Known forFilmmaking, Producer and Writer
RelativesPeter LaLonde (brother, co-founder of Cloud Ten)

Paul LaLonde is a Canadian-American film producer, film writer and co-founder of the film company Cloud Ten Pictures. He was also a former co-host of the 1980s Biblical series This Week In Bible Prophecy with his brother Peter LaLonde.[1] He co-produced the film Left Behind. The company has also specialized in other end-times films.[2]

Paul Lalonde and his brother, Peter, began Cloud Ten Pictures as a means of spreading the Gospel message and producing inspirational Christian films.[3] The company began simply through printing The Omega Newsletter in their basement, went on to producing and hosting a weekly news-format TV show called This Week in Bible Prophecy, to producing popular documentaries (Final Warning, Startling Proofs, Last Days), to finally feature film productions.



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