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Paul Lewin is an artist who resides in Oakland, CA. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1973[1] and relocated to Miami with his family when he was five.[2]

Lewin's paintings are inspired by Afro-Caribbean folklore and African culture,[3] such as stories of the Jamaican national hero Nanny of the Maroons Nanny, who led a group called the Maroons who escaped slavery and created their own civilization in the mountains.[2] Lewin said: "My mom would tell me stories about back in the old country where she grew up in Jamaica...I want each piece to tell a story in the same way that the stories have been passed down for generations, dating all of the way back to Africa."[2] Lewin continues, "The Caribbean Islands are a melting pot of many different cultures, African, French, British, Chinese, Indian, the Middle East, and Taino just to name a they began to take root in their new lands the folklore of the Africans began to fuse with many of the other cultural traditions."[4]

Lewin's imagery is also influenced by surrealism and science fiction. "I like to mix traditional Caribbean and African motifs with surreal visions of nature and the ancestry that surrounds us daily."[5] Lewin's work was featured in a show at San Francisco's Live Worms Gallery celebrating Octavia Butler's legacy.[6] Lewin's work is the cover imagery for the 2017 Seven Stories Press reprintings of the Octavia Butler novels The Parable of the Talents and The Parable of the Sower.[7]

Lewin has had two solo shows (2015, 2016) at the Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland, CA.



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