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Paul Savas
Paul Savas.jpg
Clackamas County Commissioner
Assumed office
January 2011
Personal details
Political party Republican
Profession Small Businessman, Owner of Savas Tuning

Paul Savas is a Clackamas County Commissioner in the State of Oregon. He is the only County Commissioner who resides in urban unincorporated Clackamas County.

Early life and career[edit]

Savas grew up in Southern California, in what was once rural Orange County. In his early life, Paul was always considerably handy in mechanics. He moved to Eugene in the mid-1980s with his wife Suzanne and after starting Savas Tuning in 1983, he moved his family and business to Oak Grove, Oregon. Paul has always been mechanically inclined, even from a young age. He holds a degree in automotive technology from Cypress College in Southern California.[1]

Political career[edit]

Savas narrowly defeated Bob Austin in the 2010 election for County Commissioner.[1] Savas initial reasons for getting involved with politics was a concern over local land use issues. He had always thought that Government was a well oiled machine but learned that its "inefficiencies and inconsistencies" needed immediate attention. He later earned a place at the Oak Lodge Water District and then the Oak Lodge Sanitary District boards. He has been involved ever since.[2]

Future endeavors[edit]

Savas has filed to run for County Chair. He cites the importance of the positions ability to set the "agenda and 'establishing the priorities and goals' of the county."[3]

Personal life[edit]

Paul lives in unincorporated Oak Grove with his wife Suzanne and his two kids. He owns and operates Savas Tuning.


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