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Paulus Barbus (Paul Soncinas) (b. at Soncino, Lombardy, from where comes the name of Soncinas which appears at the head of his books; d. at Cremona, 4 August 1494) was an Italian Dominican philosopher and theologian.


When still very young he entered the Dominican Order and made his philosophical and theological studies in its schools. He afterwards taught philosophy and theology at Milan, Ferrara, and Bologna.


He was esteemed by contemporary scholars, and notably by Pico della Mirandola. Many of his writings were lost at an early date.

The following have been printed frequently:

  • "Quaestiones super divina sapientia Aristotelis" (principal edition, Lyons, 1579);
  • "Divinum Epitoma quaestionum in IV libros senentiarum a principe Thomistarum Joanne Capreolo Tolesano disputatarum" (principal edition, Pavia, 1522)
  • The place and date of "In libros praedicabilium et praedicamentorum expositio" are unknown.