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Paul J. Steinbroner
Born March 18, 1949
Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Residence Wenatchee, Washington, U.S.
Citizenship U.S. United States
Alma mater San Francisco State University
American Film Institute
Known for Publisher, CNS Productions, Inc.

Paul J. Steinbroner was born March 18, 1949 in Los Angeles. In 1983, he founded CNS Productions, a publishing and distribution company specializing in topics related to addiction, neuropharmacology, and brain chemistry. He is the publisher of Uppers, Downers, All Arounders, a textbook on the neurochemistry and neuropharmacology of psychoactive drugs. Paul Steinbroner has also produced over fifty films and videos on this subject.[1]

Haight Ashbury Clinic[edit]

After graduating from the Film Department at San Francisco State University, Paul met Darryl Inaba, PharmD, who had just completed reviewing over 300 poorly made drug education films. Dr. Inaba recruited Paul to work at various concert venues as a RockMed volunteer. As a result of their experiences doing this work, Paul and Darryl resolved to create a non-judgmental documentary film on the topic of psychoactive drugs.

After the script was written, William E. Cohen was recruited to direct and co-produce the film, titled "Psychoactive" (1976).[2] From 1984-1998 many additional films were produced, in association with the Haight Ashbury Detox Clinic. David Smith, MD, the founder of the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic, referred to CNS Productions as "Haight Ashbury Films."

CNS Productions[edit]

After multiple assignments as a freelance script writer and a television-news editor, Paul moved to Los Angeles to attend the Production Program at the American Film Institute. After this stint in Hollywood, Paul formed CNS Productions as a vehicle to produce and distribute films that addressed the unmet needs of people with substance-abuse disorders. Based on the experiences of Darryl Inaba, Pharm.D, while Director of Treatment at the Haight Ashbury Detoxification, Rehabilitation, and Aftercare Clinic, CNS Productions' films found a national audience.

The U.S. State Department purchased rights to several of the titles for use in U.S. embassies in South America and the Middle East, resulting in Spanish and Arabic translations used in briefings for the education of medical practitioners who were seeing addiction-related problems.

The "CNS" in CNS Productions is a reference to the central nervous system.


CNS Productions has published the following on the subject of neuropharmacology:

Uppers, Downers, All Arounders[edit]

Based on the many interviews with clients from the expanding film catalog, the onset of the crack epidemic, and the multicultural needs of patients, William Cohen and Darryl Inaba wrote the textbook Uppers, Downers, All Arounders (ISBN 978-0-926544-30-7), originally published by CNS Productions in 1989 and now in its 8th edition.[3][4]

Uppers, Downers, All Arounders is Dr. Inaba's and William Cohen's way of explaining the physiological and pharmacological responses that the body has to psychoactive drugs, those chemicals that can pass through the blood brain barrier and produce a mental effect in the central nervous system. Thus, uppers stimulate, downers depress, and psychedelic drugs have a variety of effects on the neurotransmitters.

Beyond Opiates: The Evolving Science of Pain and Addiction[edit]

By Paul J. Steinbroner and Darryl S. Inaba, 2015 [5]

This 40-page, hand-illustrated graphic novella is a tool for educators and treatment providers seeking an engaging and entertaining way to introduce people to the science of opiate addiction. The novella demonstrates the information from our feature film Beyond Opiates in an easy-to-understand and accessible format that will educate and open pathways for discussion. Featured topics include natural pain relievers vs. pain killers, tolerance and hyperalgesia, withdrawal and PAWS, understanding craving, and more.


Paul Steinbroner was the producer and (where indicated with an asterisk) director of the following films:

  • "Psychoactive" - 1976
  • "Uppers, Downers, All Arounders" - 1984
  • Haight Asbbury Cocaine Film, 1985
  • "A Matter of Balance" - 1986
  • Haight Ashbury Crack Film - 1987
  • "From Opium to Heroin" - 1988
  • Haight Ashbury Training Series volumes 1-5 - 1992-94
  • "Marijuana: the Mirror that Magnifies"* - 1995
  • "Methamphetamine: The Rush to Crash"* - 1996
  • "In and Out of Control: Emotional, Physical & Sexual Violence"* - 1997
  • "Compulsive Gambling & Recovery" - 1997
  • "Roots of Addiction" - 1998
  • "Heroin: From Pleasure to Pain"* - 1999
  • "Alcohol and Its Effects" - 2000
  • "Sports and Drugs" - 2001
  • "Compulsive Gambling: Signs & Symptoms"* - 2001
  • "The Other Gamblers: Seniors & Women"* - 2001
  • "Psychoactive: Club Drugs & Inhalants"* - 2002
  • "Cocaine & Crack: A Craving for More"* - 2003
  • "Prescription & OTC Abuse"* - 2004
  • "Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health & Drugs" - 2005
  • "Medical Consequences of Addiction"* - 2005
  • "Marijuana: Neurochemistry & Physiology"* - 2006
  • "Methamphetamine: Neurochemistry and Recovery"* - 2007
  • "Neurochemistry of Relapse and Recovery"* - 2008
  • 10-part series: "Use, Abuse and Addiction"* - 2009
  • "Drug and Behavioral Addictions: Roots of Addiction"
  • "The Neurochemistry of the Roots of Addiction"* - 2011
  • "Reflections in a Rearview Mirror: How I Got My DUI, Costs & Losses, Physiology, Levels of Use, and How My Life Changed for the Better" (5 parts) - 2013
  • "Beyond Opiates" - 2013
  • "Cannabinyzed: The Mental and Physical Effects of Marijuana" - 2016

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