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Paul Swift
Paul Swift profile pic.jpg
Nationality United Kingdom British
Born July 1979
Darlington, England
2004 2005 2006 2007 MSA / BTRDA British Autotest Championship

Paul Swift is a British driver who is best known for autotesting, precision driving and his involvement in live action arenas at motor shows including the UK Motorshow and Top Gear Live.

MSA awards


Paul Swift at age 7

Swift started his stunt driving career at the age of seven where he learned to drive the family’s ride on lawn-mower on two wheels.[1] Within three months of practicing, he set a world record performing the stunt over a distance of 230m. His first ever precision driving show was as part of his father's display team (Russ Swift) in a Miniature Rover Montego at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. At the age of 16, Swift began competing in a form of motorsport called Autotesting with both Durham & Hartlepool motor clubs. After winning the regional championship in 1998 he moved up the national championship. In the years to follow he clinched seven national titles, winning over 40 national events outright as well as representing England on many occasions.

In 2006 Swift became the first Englishman ever to win a round of the Northern Irish Autotest Championship outright, in a borrowed Mini Special. The following season, after winning his seventh British Championship, Swift announced his retirement from autotesting and left his job as a mechanical engineer to concentrate fully on stunt driving.


Swift has over 20 years experience and employs a team of precision drivers. In recent years this team have appeared at motoring events throughout the globe, with live action performances. Swift's involvement in motorshows and precision driving demonstrations across the globe has been extensive for both television and live motor theatre audiences.

Swift has appeared on BBC's Top Gear television on a number of occasions,[2] as well as being part of the Top Gear Live tour. He has appeared on television programmes including Top Gear, Fifth Gear and Guinness World Records Smashed. Some of his other clients include Vauxhall, Audi, Ford, MINI, Halfords, Vodafone, Airbus and Paramount Pictures.

Swift's Mk2 Escort


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