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Paul Sykes
InstrumentsVocals, guitar

Paul Sykes (1937–1994), was an American folksinger, best known for live performances in the early 1960s at The Ice House, a folk music club in Pasadena, California, and as a member of folk trio The Randy Sparks Three. He also performed at The Troubadour (Los Angeles).

He was a prize-winning Whippet enthusiast in Coronado, California throughout the 1960s.


Title Label Release
I Wanna Love You Baby, But You Just Don't Treat Me Right / Sweet You Crown Records 19?? single
Great American Folk Songs Crown Records 1958 LP
Coffee House (various artists) Dorian Records 1959 LP
The Randy Sparks Three (as member of trio) Verve Records 1960 LP
I'm Not Kiddin' Ya' Horizon Records 1962 LP
Let's Have A Hootenanny vols. 1-3 (various artists) Crown Records 1963 LP
Hootenanny at the Troubador (various artists) Horizon Records 1963 LP
Folk Baroque (Mason Williams) Davon Records 1963 LP
Candy Man Warner Bros. Records 1965 LP
The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me / Two-Ten-Six-Eighteen Warner Bros. Records 1965 single


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