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Paul Étienne Victor Wachs (born September 19, 1851, in Paris, died July 6, 1915) was a French composer who played predominantly the organ and piano.[1] He is most remembered for his salon compositions for piano.


Wachs was the son of the French composer Frédéric Wachs (born 1825, died 1899).[2] He was a student at the Conservatoire de Paris, where he was taught by multiple teachers, including Victor Massé, Antoine François Marmontel and César Franck.[2][3] After his days of study, he became the second organist at the Church of Saint-Sulpice.[2] In 1874, he left this position to be the choirmaster at the Church of Saint-Merri.[2] This position had been held by famous composer Camille Saint-Saëns.[3] He held this position until 1896.[2] In 1908, Wachs bought a large property, which he named Les Myrtles after one of his pieces.[2] He lived here with his family until he died on July 6, 1915.[2] Among his pieces for piano, the most famous is 'Promenade à Âne'(petite pièce caractéristique) (1.714-c IRMÃOS VITALE EDITORES BRASIL (Starting in D+ , then E-, then G+, than back to D+)

List of Compositions[edit]

Here is a list of compositions with their original titles by Paul Wachs:[4]

  • Angélus
  • Au matin
  • Baliverne
  • Les blés sont mûrs
  • Boléro
  • Brin de paille
  • Capricante
  • Carillonnettes
  • Chanson du rouet
  • Cœur léger
  • Dormez, Ninon!
  • Douce gaîté
  • Doux aveu
  • Hosanna
  • Le joyeux rémouleur
  • Le Kangourou
  • Madrileña
  • Marche triomphale
  • Les myrtes
  • Le Pas des bouquetières
  • 2 Pièces pour orgue (2 pieces for the organ)
  • Rose et Papillon
  • Te Deum
  • Une noce au village
  • Valse interrompue
  • Valse parisienne (Parisian Waltz)


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