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Paul Zanetti (born 8 September 1961 in Wollongong) is a political cartoonist based in Australia.

He was the youngest paid political cartoonist on a major metropolitan newspaper in Australia. While still at school, he regularly contributed to The Sun newspaper in Sydney, from the age of 16 years.[citation needed]

In 1980, he joined The Sun Art Department in Sydney where he continued to contribute cartoons. Eight months later he accepted the full-time cartooning position on the Sydney Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph (Australia's largest circulating newspaper). This position had been vacated by Bill Mitchell, who had moved to The Australian, taking Larry Pickering's position.[citation needed]

At the age of 23 he won the journalism Walkley Award for cartooning.

In 1990 after returning from the United States where he studied cartoon syndication, he pioneered political cartoon syndication in Australia, appearing in newspapers throughout Australia and internationally.

In the US Zanetti's cartoons are syndicated through Cagle cartoons.

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