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The following Confederate States Army and Confederate-aligned units and commanders fought in the Battle of Pea Ridge (or Battle of Elkhorn Tavern) of the American Civil War in Pea Ridge, Arkansas on March 6-8, 1862. The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Abbreviations used[edit]

Military rank[edit]


  • w = wounded
  • mw = mortally wounded
  • k = killed
  • c = captured

Army of the West[edit]

Maj. Gen. Earl Van Dorn

Right Wing[edit]

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

McCulloch's Division
     BG Benjamin McCulloch (k)
     BG James M. McIntosh (k)
     Col Elkanah Greer and BG Albert Pike

Hébert's Infantry Brigade

     Col Louis Hébert (c)
     Col Evander McNair

McIntosh's Cavalry Brigade

     BG James M. McIntosh (k)
     Col Elkanah Greer

  • 3rd Texas Cavalry: Col Elkanah Greer, Ltc Walter P. Lane
  • 6th Texas Cavalry: Col B. Warren Stone
  • 9th Texas Cavalry: Col William B. Sims (w), Ltc William Quayle
  • 11th Texas Cavalry: Col William C. Young
  • 1st Texas Cavalry Battalion (not engaged): Maj R. Phillip Crump
  • 1st Arkansas Cavalry Battalion: Maj William H. Brooks

Reporting Directly

Pike's Indian Brigade

   BG Albert Pike

Unassigned Units

Left Wing (Missouri State Guard)[edit]

MG Sterling Price (w)

Headquarters Units:

  • Cearnal's Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Ltc James T. Cearnal (w), Maj D. Todd Samuels
Division Brigade Regiments and Other

First (Price's) Division
     MG Sterling Price (w)

First Missouri Brigade

   Col Henry Little

  • 1st Missouri Cavalry: Col Elijah Gates
  • 2nd Missouri Infantry: Col John Q. Burbridge
  • 3rd Missouri Infantry: Col Benjamin A. Rives (k), Ltc James A. Pritchard
  • Wade's Missouri Artillery Battery: Cpt William Wade
  • Clark's Missouri Artillery Battery: Cpt S. Churchill Clark (k), Lt James L. Farris
Second Missouri Brigade

   Col William Y. Slack (mw)
   Col Thomas H. Rosser

  • Bevier's Missouri Infantry Battalion: Maj Robert S. Bevier
  • Hughes's Missouri Infantry Battalion: Col John T. Hughes
  • Rosser's Missouri Infantry Battalion: Col Thomas H. Rosser
  • Riggins's Missouri Cavalry Battalion: Col George W. Riggins
  • Jackson's Missouri Artillery Battery: Cpt William Lucas
  • Landis's Missouri Artillery Battery: Cpt John C. Landis
Third Missouri Brigade[4]

   Col Colton Greene

  • Col Thomas Freeman's Regiment
  • Ltc John A. Schnable's Regiment
  • Cpt L.C. Campbell's cavalry company
  • Various companies

Missouri State Guard

Second Division

     BG Martin E. Green

  • Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
  • Kneisley's Missouri Battery: Cpt James W. Kneisley
Third Division

     Col John B. Clark, Jr.

  • 1st Infantry: Maj John F. Rucker
  • 2nd Infantry: Col Congreve Jackson
  • 3rd Infantry: Maj Robert R. Hutchinson
  • 4th & 5th Infantry: Col J.A. Poindexter
  • 6th Infantry: Ltc Quinton Peacher
  • Tull's Missouri Battery: Cpt Francis M. Tull
Fifth Division

     Col James P. Saunders

  • Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
  • Kelley's Battery: Cpt Joseph Kelly
Sixth Division

     Maj D. Herndon Lindsay

  • Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
  • Gorham's Battery: Cpt James C. Gorham
Seventh and Ninth Divisions

     BG Daniel M. Frost

  • Various unidentified infantry and cavalry units
  • Guibor's Missouri Battery: Cpt Henry Guibor
  • MacDonald's St. Louis Battery: Cpt Emmett MacDonald
Eighth Division

     BG James S. Rains

  • 1st Infantry: Col William H. Erwin
  • 2nd Infantry: Ltc John P. Bowman
  • 3rd Infantry: Ltc A. J. Pearcy
  • 4th Infantry: Ltc John M. Stemmons
  • Shelby's Cavalry Company: Cpt Jo Shelby
  • Bledsoe's Missouri Battery: Lt Charles W. Higgins

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  4. ^ Brigade was composed of partially organized battalions and companies from Missouri State Guard transferring into Confederate service, including parts of units listed.


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