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Headquarters Hamburg, Germany

PearC is the name given to the line of personal computers produced by German manufacturer HyperMegaNet UG, that sells PCs with Mac OS X, similar to Psystar.[1] HyperMegaNet UG claims it is acting within the law because Apple's EULA – that forbids installation of Mac OS X on non-Apple branded computers – only applies if it can be seen before purchase, according to German law.[1][2]

The PearC line of personal computers consists of six models: PearC Starter, PearC Advanced, PearC Professional and PearC Expert, PearC Supreme, and PearC Business. All models are built using off-the-shelf components from Intel, Gigabyte Technology, Corsair, Nvidia, Western Digital and Lian-Li. Every computer ships with a USB drive of Mac OS X Mountain Lion to allow re-installation of the operating system. The company also offers dual-boot computers that run Windows 7 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion.

PearCs ship with a completely unmodified copy of Mac OS X. Instead they use the freely available Chameleon bootloader and a number of kernel extensions installed on the EFI System partition to allow them to boot Mac OS X Mountain Lion. If an Apple software update is likely to cause problems, the company advises its customers and releases a freely available patch in the form of a package installer.

All PearC personal computers come with a two-year warranty.

The company sells from websites in Spain: and Germany

All current products capable of running Mac OS X use Intel's 'Ivy Bridge' generation of processors.


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