Pearl (radio play)

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Pearl: A Play About a Play Within a Play
Written by John Arden
Characters Pearl
Gideon Grip
Captain Catso
Date premiered July 3, 1978 (1978-July-03)
Place premiered BBC Radio 4
Original language English
Genre Drama
Setting England, 1640

Pearl is a 1978 radio play by award-winning English playwright John Arden. Set in England in the 1640s, the play concerns a young Irish political operative named Pearl, who, with playwright Tom Backhouse, attempts to sway the political climate in favour of the British Parliament, as part of a plan to achieve Irish sovereignty.[1]


Pearl was produced and broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on July 3, 1978, with the following cast:

Critical reception[edit]

The play won a Giles Cooper Award in 1978, and is considered one of the finest examples of the medium.


Hardcover and Paperback editions were published by Eyre Methuen in 1979.


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