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A pedal (from the Latin pes, pedis, meaning 'foot') is a lever activated by one's foot, sometimes called a "foot pedal" (but all pedals are used by a foot). It may specifically refer to:



  • Piano pedals, which alter the sound produced by the instrument
  • Pedal keyboard, a musical keyboard operated by the player's feet
  • Pedal harp, a modern orchestral harp with pedals used to change the tuning of its strings
  • Effects pedal, used commonly for electric guitars
  • Pedal point, a type of nonchord tone, usually in the bass
  • Pedal tone, a fundamental tone played on brass instruments
  • Bass drum pedal, which eases simultaneous use of the bass and snare

Other uses[edit]

Electronic equipment:


  • Pedal triangle, a triangle obtained by projecting a point onto the sides of a triangle
  • Pedal curve, a curve derived by construction from a given curve
  • The use on a pedal bin