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Pedro Aranaz y Vides (1742–1821) was a Spanish composer. Some of his works are preserved in the El Escorial archive.[1]

Works, editions, recordings[edit]


  1. ^ Inter-American music review: Volume 3; Volume 10 Robert Murrell Stevenson - 1980 Juan Navarro, Sebastian de Vivanco, and Juan Esquivel exemplify famous composers represented by nothing in the archive. ... As for composers who were not Jeronymites, the following alphabetical list samples those composers whose vocal works are importantly represented in EI Escorial archive: : Pedro Aranaz y Vides (1742-1821), Pedro Ardanaz (1638-1706), Benito Bello de Torices, Sebastian Duron,
  2. ^ Opera news: Volume 33 Metropolitan Opera Guild - 1968 -... both wrote and sang in these pieces. There are hundreds of tonadillas extant, some of them genuine little masterpieces. Among the best that come to mind are La Maja Limonera (The Maja Who Sells Lemons) by Pedro Aranaz (1742-1821) ...

Free scores by Pedro Aranaz in the Choral Public Domain Library (ChoralWiki)