Pedro Reinel

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Pedro Reinel (c. 1504). Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Munich.

Pedro Reinel (c. 1462 – c. 1542) was a Portuguese cartographer, author of one of the oldest signed Portuguese nautical charts (c. 1485). That is a portolan type of chart, covering western Europe and part of Africa, and already reflecting the explorations made by Diogo Cão in 1482–1485. With his son Jorge Reinel (c. 1502 – c. 1572), and the cartographer Lopo Homem, he participated in the construction of the well-known Miller Atlas (1519). His Atlantic Chart of c. 1504 is the earliest known nautical chart with a scale of latitudes, and the first to depict a wind rose with a clearly drawn fleur-de-lys. He has a Portuguese postage stamp in his honour.[1]