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A PRV-17 radar height finder looks very similar to Pelena-1 system, the Tolyatti Technical museum, Russia

The Pelena-1 (in Russian means "Shroud") is a Russian ground-based jamming system.

Designed for jamming the AN/APY-2 radar, the primary component of the airborne warning and control system (AWACS), by automatically inducing a jamming frequency on radar carrier frequencies operating in the fast frequency hopping mode. Pelena-1 disrupts the radar capability of detecting targets with RCS of up to 10 - 15 sq.m. The effective jamming range is up to 250 km.

Basic characteristics[edit]

  • Jamming sector: deg ±45
  • Probability of:
    • radar suppression: at least 0.8
    • system kill by antiradar missiles: up to 0.2
  • Scanning range, deg:
    • azimuth: 0 - 360
    • elevation: -1 to +25
  • Sector of automatic azimuth scanning, deg: 30; 60; 120
  • Power consumption: 80 kW
  • Crew: 7


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