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Pelon Pelo Rico is a popular tamarind-flavored candy made under the Lorena brand by the Hershey Company in Jalisco, Mexico. The product originated in Guadalajara.[1]

It comes in regular, sour lime, watermelon, and extra spicy flavors. Ingredients include sugar, water, glucose, chili powder, citric acid, xanthan gum, and tamarind extract.

Pelon Pelo Rico is inexpensive, being sold for approximately US$0.50 at corner stores, and is commonly found in Mexican-owned stores and markets.

It is enjoyed in both Mexico and the U.S.

Lead content[edit]

Pelon Pelo Rico has been implicated in the ongoing controversy in the United States surrounding unhealthy levels of lead in imported candies.[2] It has tested high for lead in nearly 20 percent of government tests between 1994 and 2004.[3][4]

Popular culture[edit]

In 2005, NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick ran a Pelon Pelo Rico car in the Telcel-Motorola México 200. Harvick placed second, losing to Martin Truex Jr., in the Mexico City race.[5]

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