Samaná Peninsula

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Península de Samaná
Location of Península de Samaná
Coordinates: 19°15′01″N 69°25′16″W / 19.250219°N 69.421234°W / 19.250219; -69.421234Coordinates: 19°15′01″N 69°25′16″W / 19.250219°N 69.421234°W / 19.250219; -69.421234n
CountryDominican Republic
 • Total241,104

The Samaná Península is a peninsula in Dominican Republic situated in the province of Samaná. The Samaná Peninsula is connected to the rest of the state by the Isthmus of Samaná. The Peninsula contains many beaches, especially in the city of Santa Bárbara de Samaná. It contains 3 rivers. The main roads are the DR-5 and the Samaná Highway that leads from the peninsula to Santo Domingo. The peninsula also contains the Samaná El Catey International Airport. The peninsula also has a lot of agriculture and social economy.

Cabo Samaná, at the easternmost of the peninsula

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