Penicillium italicum

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Penicillium italicum
Penicillium italicum sur Clémentine.JPG
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Eurotiomycetes
Subclass: Eurotiomycetidae
Order: Eurotiales
Family: Trichocomaceae
Genus: Penicillium
Species: P. italicum
Binomial name
Penicillium italicum
Wehmer, (1894)

Penicillium italicum is a plant pathogen. It is a common post harvest disease commonly associated with citrus fruits.


Inoculation of healthy fruit can be diminished and controlled by careful picking, handling, and packaging of the citrus so that the rinds are not damaged. Without of injury inflicted on the fruit, the conidia are unable to gain access, and thus unable to germinate into infectious pathogens. [1]


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