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The Pennsylvania Archives are a 138 volume set of reference books compiling transcriptions of letters and early records relating to the colony and state of Pennsylvania. The volumes were published in nine different series between 1838 and 1935 by acts of the Pennsylvania legislature. Contents of the archives include:

  • Letters between key government figures in Pennsylvania
  • Papers of the Governors
  • Marriage Licenses issued prior to 1810
  • Militia and Continental Muster Rolls including French-Indian War, Revolutionary War and War of 1812
  • Revolutionary Diaries
  • County Tax Lists (typically of the Revolutionary era)
  • Oaths of Allegiance
  • Ship Lists (compiling German immigrants during 18th century)
  • Land related records
  • Election returns

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Colonial Records[edit]

First Series[edit]

Second Series[edit]

Third Series[edit]

Fourth Series[edit]

Fifth Series[edit]

Sixth Series[edit]

Seventh Series[edit]


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