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Penthouse HDTV Europe
Launched5 October 2009
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
CountryUnited Kingdom
Sister channel(s)Penthouse TV
Penthouse TV (Canada)
Eurobird9A at 9° East

Penthouse HDTV (or simply known as Penthouse HD) is an adult entertainment channel primarily broadcasting in high-definition format. For over 40 years, Penthouse has published the Penthouse magazine and directed and produced movies, video games, sports, and gadgets. Penthouse has created three HDTV channels available in Europe.


Penthouse have created adult erotic movies for many years, moving towards pornographic movies in 1998, and to High-definition in 2006. Since then they have filmed exclusively in HD format. In October 2009, Penthouse HDTV launched their new HDTV channels in Europe, three of which contain high definition pornographic adult content.

Technical information relating to HDTV[edit]


Penthouse HDTV broadcasts its channels via one of the Eutelsat satellites. Access to the HD channels is via the use of a set-top box and a Smart card reaching territories across the entire geographical region of Europe. The Penthouse HDTV channels can also be viewed with existing HOT BIRD equipment with the help of dual feed solutions, such as: Monoblock equipment, Double LNB equipment and the ClipSat device. The dual feed equipment works for reception equipment of the Eurobird 9A at 9° East as well as the HOT BIRD at 13° East.

Penthouse HDTV channels[edit]

Penthouse HDTV channels are the first completely HD adult specific content channels in Europe. Three channels broadcast 24 hours per day.

  • Penthouse HD is dedicated to semi adult content.
  • Penthouse HD1 & Penthouse HD2 are committed to hardcore adult content.

All channels show movies and clips from the Penthouse brands.

The Penthouse HDTV channels are DTH (Direct-to-Home), IPTV and cable channels.

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