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The Percy FitzPatrick Award, in recognition of author Sir Percy Fitzpatrick, was initiated in 1970 for the best South African children's book in English.[1][2]

Initiated in 1970 by the South African Library Association (SALA), initially only books written and published in South Africa could qualify. Since most children's authors published with international publishers, there were few acceptable submissions in the early years. In 1977, it was decided to broaden the criteria to include books written by South Africans, or from a South African perspective.

In 1980, SALA became the South African Institute of Librarianship and Information Science (SAILIS), and its Committee for Children's Books became responsible for the awards until its disbandment in 1998. Since then, the awards have become the responsibility of the English Academy of South Africa.[3]

In 2014 Kagiso Lesego Molope became the first Black author to win the award.[citation needed]


Year Book Name
2014 This Book Betrays My Brother” Kagiso Lesego Molope
2012 Melly, Fatty and Me Edyth Bulbring[4]
2010 Daniel Fox and the Jester's Legacy Andy Petersen[5]
2008 Superzero Darrel Bristow-Bovey
2006 Savannah 2116 AD Jenny Robson
2004 The eighth man Michael Williams
2002 Skyline Patricia Schonstein Pinnock
2000 The slayer of the shadows Elana Bregin
1994–1995 The boy who counted to a million Lawrence Bransby
1992–1993 Stories South of the Sun compiled by Christel and Hans Bodenstein and Linda Rode
1990–1991 92 Queens Road Dianne Case
1988–1989 A Cageful of Butterflies Lesley Beake
1986–1987 The Strollers Lesley Beake
1982–1983 The Woodash Stars Marguerite Poland
1979 The Mantis and the Moon Marguerite Poland
1970–1978 No award

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