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Percy Greg (7 January 1836 Bury – 24 December 1889, Chelsea), son of William Rathbone Greg, was an English writer.[1]

Percy Greg, like his father, wrote about politics, but his views were violently reactionary: his History of the United States to the Reconstruction of the Union (1887) can be said to be more of a polemic, rather than a history.

His Across the Zodiac (1880) is an early science fiction novel, said to be the progenitor of the sword-and-planet genre. For that novel, Greg created what may have been the first artistic language that was described with linguistic and grammatical terminology.[2] It also contained what is possibly the first instance in the English language of the word "Astronaut".

In 2010 a crater on Mars was named Greg[3] in recognition of his contribution to the lore of Mars.[4]


  • Across the Zodiac (1880)
  • History of the United States to the Reconstruction of the Union (1887)


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