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Peredur I. Lynch (born 13 January 1963) is a Welsh academic specialising in Welsh literary history.

Lynch spent much of his early life in Carrog in northern Wales and obtained a degree at Bangor University.[1] He has won a number of Eisteddfod Chairs, beginning with the Urdd National Eisteddfod Chair at Maesteg in 1979. His awdl was received so well that in 1980 he was lauded as "one of the great potentials of Welsh poetry".[2]

Lynch, however, became best known for his academic career and his scholarly work on Welsh literary history. In 1985, he became a Research Fellow at the University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies in Aberystwyth (1985-1990), moved to Swansea to become lecturer in Welsh and in 1995 returned to his alma mater (Bangor), where he was also appointed as lecturer in Welsh.[1] In 2003 he became head of the Welsh Department at Bangor (2003-2006), and in 2005 was appointed to a professor's chair.[1][3]

His scholarly contributions have focused on medieval and early modern Welsh poetry, notably that of the Gogynfeirdd or Poets of the Princes.[3] He assisted J. E. Caerwyn Williams in preparing an edition of Gogynfeirdd poetry, the first to be published for Cyfres Beirdd y Tywysogion ('The Poets of the Princes series'), and made further contributions to the series. On the topic of prophecy in Welsh poetry, he has both led a research project (2002-2005) and read a paper in the 2004 J. E. Caerwyn and Gwen Williams Memorial Lecture.[3] He is one of the editors of the Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales.[1][3]

In 2001, Lynch published Cywion Nell, a Welsh adaptation of Robert Barnard's 1981 novel Mother's Boys.[4]

Selected works[edit]

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